Re: ProteanOS is self-hosting!

On 2013-07-03 20:48, Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott wrote:
> I'll be adding a third stage to the bootstrap, to make sure everything
> works.  The stage2 system will be installed and used to rebuild
> everything again.  I'll see if I can then compare the resulting stage3
> binary packages against the stage2 ones.  Differences in addresses of
> ELF sections, embedding of build timestamps, etc. may make that
> difficult or infeasible.

Actually, it looks like comparing the results should be pretty easy.  I
just compared my current stage1 system to an older one, and these are
the differences in general:

  * /bin/busybox - Expected because BusyBox embeds a build timestamp,
    though that doesn't appear to be the only difference.

  * Many files from the gettext package - Expected because I changed the
    build configuration.

  * /usr/lib/core-linux-eglibc/gcc-4.7/cc1 and
    /usr/lib/core-linux-eglibc/gcc-4.7/cc1cplus - Expected because I
    changed the C++ #include search directories.

  * Every single static library archive - Expected because these are
    archives made with the ar utility, which embeds file modification

  * A debugging symbols file provided by libc.6-dbg - So far, I can't
    explain this.

  * /usr/sbin/nscd - Likewise.

So I should be able to compare most of the stage2 and stage3 files.

Patrick "P. J." McDermott