ProteanOS is self-hosting!


As I've mentioned before [1], I've been working on an automated and
reproducible two-stage bootstrap of the core-linux-eglibc port.

Last night (2013-07-03 02:43:13 UTC-4), ProteanOS reached a milestone:
it finished building itself from source.  Stage two of the bootstrap is
now complete [2], and ProteanOS is self-hosting.  The full bootstrap
took just under five hours (4:50:00).

I'll be adding a third stage to the bootstrap, to make sure everything
works.  The stage2 system will be installed and used to rebuild
everything again.  I'll see if I can then compare the resulting stage3
binary packages against the stage2 ones.  Differences in addresses of
ELF sections, embedding of build timestamps, etc. may make that
difficult or infeasible.

Either way, once the bootstrap is done, the next step is to work on the
installation bootstrap script and some package archive management
scripts.  With those, it will finally be possible to run a command to
download pre-built ProteanOS packages and install them into a directory.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible.


Patrick "P. J." McDermott