opkbuild 3.0.0-beta1 released


I've just released a new version of opkbuild.

You can get the archives in gzip, bzip2, or xz compression from the
files site by HTTP [1] or FTP [2].

[1]: http://files.proteanos.com/pub/opkbuild/3.0.0-beta1/
[2]: ftp://files.proteanos.com/pub/opkbuild/3.0.0-beta1/

Or if you've cloned the Git repository [3], make sure you've checked out
the "opkbuild-3.0.0-beta1" tag.

[3]: http://git.proteanos.com/opkbuild/opkbuild.git/


See the "ChangeLog" file and Git commit history for complete lists of

The biggest user-facing change is the implementation of ob-genchanges.
Executed in the normal opkbuild process (like all ob-* utilities), this
utility generates "changes" files that describe a source package and its
most recent changes.  These changes files are currently used by
pro-archman [4] and will be used by other tools in the future.

[4]: http://git.proteanos.com/pro-archman/pro-archman.git/

With the addition of ob-genchanges, opkbuild now has all the major
features planned for version 3.0.0 and is now in "beta" phase.


opkbuild uses the "local" utility now, which means that Korn shell is no
longer supported.  Almost all other Bourne-style shells should still

Patrick "P. J." McDermott