Cryptography packages

Hi all,

I'm working towards getting the GPGME (GnuPG Made Easy) library packaged
for ProteanOS 1.0 so that opkg can be built with support for verifying
signatures on package index files.

Below (and attached) is a source package dependency graph for GPGME, not
including the C library and build-essential packages.  This can be
rendered into a PNG file using Graphviz by running
`dot -Tpng -ogpgme deps.png`.

digraph "gpgme-deps" {
	"gpgme" -> "gnupg";
	"gpgme" -> "libgpg-error";
	"gnupg" -> "libgpg-error";
	"gnupg" -> "libgcrypt.11";
	"gnupg" -> "libassuan";
	"gnupg" -> "libksba";
	"gnupg" -> "pth";
	"gnupg" -> "zlib";
	"gnupg" -> "bzip2";
	"libgcrypt.11" -> "libgpg-error";
	"libassuan" -> "libgpg-error";
	"libksba" -> "libgpg-error";

zlib was already packaged, and I've packaged bzip2, pth, and
libgpg-error.  Remaining are libgcrypt.11, libassuan, libksba, gnupg,
and gpgme.

Is anyone interested in helping get these packages into ProteanOS?

libgcrypt.11, libassuan, and libksba should be similar in packaging to
libgpg-error [1].  libgpg-error's file can be copied as-is
into those packages to securely fetch the upstream source archives.


Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS

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