ARM Cortex-A8 port: help needed

Hi all,

I'm preparing for the cortexa8-linux-glibc port bootstrap.

Like the other two, this port will be bootstrapped natively in three
stages from a Debian GNU/Linux jessie or sid (armhf) system.

The Git repositories for the binutils, build-essential, and gcc-4.7
packages each now have a "ports/cortexa8-linux-glibc" branch with
patches to support the new architecture.  opkhelper's archtab already
had entries for this architecture.

The initial port bootstrap scripts [1] have been updated for this port.

Beware: this porting work is untested, and I'll be a little surprised if
the bootstrap just works.

I need one or more people with Cortex-A8 boards to help test the
bootstrap and get it working.  It'll need a few GiB of space – I
recommend using a Class 10 16- or 32-GB microSDHC card.

Anyone interested in helping with the port can get Debian installed and
running on their board, clone porting/initial-bootstrap.git, and follow
the instructions in the README file to install the necessary packages
and start the bootstrap.

Of course, I'm around in #proteanos-dev and on this list to help.


Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS