opkhelper 3.1.0 released


This is opkhelper, a collection of utilities to automate common tasks in
building distribution packages using opkbuild.

Included in opkhelper are programs to automatically work with package
build systems, fix file owners and modes, strip binary files, and
install files into binary packages, etc.

opkhelper is inspired by debhelper, a similar collection of programs for


Source archives are available from the files site by HTTP or FTP:


Here are the MD5 checksums:

    c60cba80cba98c5f778f5c1b74b66632  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.gz
    7d09f5f67b9bfd5206a875ba7df6acef  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.bz2
    b265c9c6bd982e98d2f8eff7103aaa9f  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.xz

Here are the SHA-256 checksums:

    baf4415070f8bf91bd987eafd46dce3d7ed5ba013517801d736c0f78239f2fee  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.gz
    3c9113ff03276302f1f802deba031eb4c8ba1c8d5aeaba0ca443528ad503e86c  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.bz2
    77ad598b90c351ab68941919f6f44dc8db7d7f398712a2ca444e591df395ebec  opkhelper-3.1.0.tar.xz

The sources are maintained in a Git repository:


This release is marked by the "opkhelper/3.1.0" tag.

NEWS for Version 3.1.0

Changes in this release:

  * A new oh-shlibdeps utility has been added.

Shortlog of Changes Since Version 3.0.0

P. J. McDermott (16):
      TODO: Add note about "_SCRIPTS".
      Makefile.am: New "wikiman" target
      Revert "tools/shld.sh, tools/shpp.sh: Add"
      configure.ac: Find ldd
      configure.ac: Find opkg
      oh-shlibdeps: New utility
      Makefile.am: Substitute @LD@ and @OPKG@
      configure.ac, Makefile.am: Find readelf instead of ldd
      configure.ac, Makefile.am: Substitute @library_path@
      oh-shlibdeps: Use readelf instead of ldd
      oh-shlibdeps(1): New manual page
      scripts/announce-release.sh: New script
      Makefile.am: Add "release" target
      configure.ac, NEWS: Set version to 3.1.0 and mention oh-shlibdeps
      Makefile.am: Set signing key
      Makefile.am: Fix key quoting

Patrick McDermott (2):
      tools/shld.sh, tools/shpp.sh: Add
      NEWS: Release opkhelper 3.1.0

Diffstat of Changes Since Version 3.0.0

 Makefile.am                 |  49 ++++++++++++
 NEWS                        |   9 +++
 TODO                        |   6 ++
 configure.ac                |  77 +++++++++++++++++-
 locale/en_US.sh             |   2 +
 man/local.mk                |   1 +
 man/oh-shlibdeps.1in        |  31 ++++++++
 scripts/announce-release.sh | 151 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/local.mk                |   1 +
 src/oh-shlibdeps.sh         | 118 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 10 files changed, 444 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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