Re: ProteanOS Development Kit 2.0.0 released

On 2019-04-28 at 06:26, bill-auger wrote:
> the install guide mentions the Dell Dimension 2400 as
> supported hardware -

(The installation instructions have just been updated for prokit 2.0.0.)

> i am curious if there is a specific reason
> that is the only desktop computer on the list -

To keep the base system small, ProteanOS is ported to individual
computers, using Linux-libre images built with only the drivers each
computer needs.  The only reason dimension2400 is the only desktop PC
platform is that no one has yet ported ProteanOS to other desktops.
Platform porting instructions (updated but untested) are at:

Though I plan to upload slightly newer Linux-libre packages in the
coming weeks, so if you're interested in porting you could either wait
until then or just update the Linux-libre configuration when that time

> i have one of
> those that needs a power supply, but it may be an interesting
> project to repair it for experimenting with proteanos

I was actually thinking of dropping the ao751h and dimension2400
platforms because I was the only user of them and I no longer actively
use them (I now mainly use laptops covered by the x60 platform).  But
I'll continue maintaining dimension2400 if you're interested in using
it.  I still have the hardware, which works last I checked (also with a
replaced power supply as I recall).

Using an existing ProteanOS platform is easier than porting, so I would
recommend that to start.  You could also just install and use ProteanOS
under chroot with the dev platform, which is how package development is
generally done.

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