ProteanOS project status update

    Libiquity work has kept me rather busy the past few years.  The
    report of my absence on IRC grew out of that; the report of
    ProteanOS's death was an exaggeration.
    --- Mark Twain, never

In the last few years I've been doing a bunch of work (in Git) on the
ProteanOS Development Kit (prokit) and ProteanOS Archive Manager
(pro-archman), and more recently also opkbuild and opkhelper, all of
which has culminated in a flurry of release announcements on this list
this year.  (For example I released opkhelper three times in one day.
Lesson learned: don't release software from a hotel room while getting
ready to leave for a conference event.  Apologies for all the spam.)

(I'm told however that GMail might have actually marked the release
announcements as spam; I've added DNS SPF records for the list's mail
server so that should be less likely to occur.  Anyone who doesn't see
this message now should let me know.)

I've also been working on numerous packages, related to things like the
LILO boot loader, flashrom, and GnuPG.  But I admittedly haven't put
much time into updating existing packages, for a couple of reasons:
first, I had aimed to minimize breakage in a "freeze" period until
ProteanOS version 1.0 (but I've since deferred that); second, I wanted
to focus on finishing some tasks like package archive signing before
uploading packages in earnest.  Which brings me to an announcement in
the next thread...

Patrick McDermott, CEO
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