gmp should use multiarch library directories


As we've discussed before, gmp should be configured and installed with
architecture-specific "multiarch" library directories.

The necessary packaging changes are simple; see expat for an example

To test the multiarch libdir changes, you'll need opkhelper >=
3.0.0-beta1 configured with "--with-multiarch-libdir" (enabled by
default in 3.0.0-beta2).  (New versions of opkhelper also depend on
opkbuild 3.0.0-alpha4.)

Also, you might want to delete /usr/share/info/dir in the "install"
target of the "build" makefile (like to silence a "Some files
have not been installed into packages" warning by oh-installfiles.

Do you want to make the changes?  Alternatively, I can send you a patch
or pull request, or I can just push directly to pkg/gmp.git.


Patrick "P. J." McDermott