Dell Dimension 2400 port, LILO, PC installer, and networking

Hi all,

In June I ported ProteanOS to the Dell Dimension 2400 desktop computer.
This system runs the "i686-linux-glibc" architecture and
"dimension2400" port.  A guide to porting ProteanOS to new platforms is
also now available [1].  A port to IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s/X60t
laptops is expected to come soon.

The LILO boot loader is now packaged for ProteanOS, with configuration
files, an installation script, and packaging hooks.  ProteanOS now boots
using its own boot loader on PCs and no longer needs the user to provide
their own.

Also, I added to the miniprokit repository an installer program for the
PC platforms.  This new interactive installer automates the installation
of ProteanOS onto a hard disk drive or USB flash drive.  A guide to
installing ProteanOS on a PC using this new program is available [2].

Finally, in the past week I've developed support for wireless networking
and running a DHCP server in ProteanOS.  All of this can be configured
in /etc/network/interfaces, and the PC installer optionally handles this
configuration.  ProteanOS also now enables IPv4 address forwarding and
runs user-provided iptables commands at boot time, making it easier to
configure ProteanOS as a router system.


Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS