ProteanOS at FOSSCON 2014

I will be in Philadelphia, PA, USA this Saturday at the FOSSCON
conference to discuss and demonstrate ProteanOS and offer a workshop on
preparing packages.

Learn more about FOSSCON at <>.

Talk time and location:

    CoreDial Hall
    11:00 AM – 11:50 AM

Talk title

    Developing Embedded Systems with ProteanOS


    ProteanOS is a highly configurable self-hosting binary distribution
    of BusyBox/Linux-libre for embedded systems.  This session will
    introduce ProteanOS and show how packages are prepared for the

Talk description

    ProteanOS is a free software BusyBox/Linux-libre distribution,
    configurable for a wide variety of embedded systems.  This
    self-hosting binary distribution is developed from scratch with
    inspiration from other projects like Debian, OpenWrt, Gentoo, and

    This session will begin with an introduction to ProteanOS and its
    features.  You will then learn how to set up a development
    environment and prepare software packages for the distribution.

    Come to the workshop to learn more about software distributions,
    embedded systems, and how to contribute to ProteanOS!


    Attendees who wish to participate will need a GNU/Linux system and
    may wish to install a ProteanOS development environment with the
    build-essential packages for their system architecture as explained
    on <>.

    The development mailing list and IRC channel are listed on

Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS