Re: Making ProteanOS development "easy"

On 2014-08-28 12:15, Patrick 'P. J.' McDermott wrote:
I've recently resumed development of prokit, and I released version
0.1.0 two days ago [1].  This version approximately matches miniprokit
in user-facing features and is intended as a preview release for
testing.  Additional preview releases will follow soon.

I've forgone the preview releases and just released version 1.0.0 [1] of
prokit [2].  The ProteanOS Development Kit is now considered stable and
sufficiently feature-complete for general use.  prokit is now
recommended over miniprokit for ProteanOS development.

I also wrote a tutorial for setting up a ProteanOS development system
using prokit and moved, updated, fixed, and improved the old packaging
tutorial.  These tutorials can be found on the new package development
tutorials index page [3].

Manual pages for prokit [2] and opkhelper [4] are also on the wiki now.


And finally, cryptography packages need to be prepared so that opkg can
be configured to verify the signed feed index files.  I've left these
packages as somewhat low-hanging fruit for anyone interested in getting
started with contributing to ProteanOS.  See the thread from June [3]
for more details.  Of course I'll be happy to help anyone who'd like to
work on any of these (or any other) packages.


Is anyone interested in preparing the remaining cryptography packages?
The cryptography libraries are libgcrypt.11, libassuan, and libksba; all
of these should be very similar in packaging to libgpg-error [5].
libgpg-error's file can be copied as-is into those packages to
securely fetch the upstream source archives.  These packages should
therefore be fairly easy for new maintainers to prepare.


Happy hacking,
Patrick "P. J." McDermott
Lead Developer, ProteanOS